j. leigh bailey

...because everyone deserves a happy ending

A Hero in Hot Pink Boots--A Modern Day YA LGBT Re-Telling of "Puss in Boots"

A modern-day gay YA retelling of the Puss in Boots fairy tale, set in Chicago. An exotic stranger helps insecure Charlie find his way out of the city at night, and leads him to his inner bad-ass.


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Midnight in the Maze--A YA LGBT Romance

Midnight in the Maze by j. leigh bailey

Joey misses the dreaded “Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed” stigma by minutes. The night before his birthday, a mysterious boy kisses him in the Halloween corn maze. Thanks to the darkness and shadows, he has no idea who the anonymous kisser is. He whittles the list down to two possibilities. Is it Blake, the maze attendant Joey’s had a crush on for absolutely forever? Or is it Jared, the hot artist who leads the school’s GSA chapter?

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